Social Slides Help

Social Slide is a Google Slides Add-on to help you create beautiful designs and share it without ever leaving Google Slides with integration.

This page highlights core features of Social Slides and how to use them to jump start your marketing campaigns. 

Sizes. Each Social Media application is unique and optmizing your marketing content to best suit it can make all the difference in effectiveness of your campaigns. Social Slides has already done the hard work of identifying best suited site for each content type on major social media sites and already customized Google Slides accordingly. Just open Add-on > Sizes and select the one you want, it will open in new Google Slides window to get you started.

Templates. Give a boost to your campaigns by seletcting pre-designed templates shared by community or save your own private templates for use by your team later. You can also contribute your designs to Social Slides Community. Designs submitted to Social Slides Community are released under Creative Commons CC0. Social Slides will only show templates that are applicable to current Google Slides dimensions selected under Sizes menu.

Stock Photos. Social Slides gives you access to royalty free stock photos powered by

Filters. You can apply filters to your images in Google Slides (powered by Note that it may take a while for larger image sizes.

Overlay. You can add overlay text on top of your slides and adjust size and opacity of such overlays. 

Download. Current selected slide will be saved to Google Drive.

Buffer. You can connect to your account and schedule or share your designs on any of your connected social media accounts. If you don't have one, you can  sign-up for a free account and get started easily.